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1.About project
ZXTUNES it is world's biggest ZX Spectrum music collection. The basic attention in a collection is given «chip music», music written under the musical coprocessor of a ZX Spectrum AY-3-8910 / YM2149.

As one-bit music is presented to collections under Beeper and 8-bit, so-named Digital music also.

And still ZXTUNES it is a huge database on zx spectrum musicians.

2.Listening of music
To play music downloaded from ZXTUNES, you can use simple and convenient the ZX Spectrum Sound Chip Emulator.

Downloading in some threads is not supported.

To use tunes, downloaded from ZXTUNES, for commercial purposes, you should get explicit permission from their respective composers or site admin.

Idea, development and support of the project ZXTUNES - Newart (Vyacheslav Kalinin).

The code of a site is written on PHP + MySQL + Smarty template engine.

For an excellent hosting - untergrund.net

For the help in becoming a site: Nyuk (Andrew Marinov), MD (Roman Borokhov)

For consultations on MySql: moroz1999, Paulmory

For a competition, AY Emulator и Vortex Tracker - Sergey Bulba

For music and the information on musicians: Striker, AAA, Sergey Bulba, Kyv, Research, Kasik, Creator, Jedius, Orion, Risk, Kej-Jee, Voxel, Hedj, Vodoley, Fixxar, Flying, Flyer, VVS, Alone Coder, Dman, Demonik, Nik-O, Alex Raider, PSB, FK0, Qjeta, Scalex, Factor6, CI5, Himik, Ice'Di, Diver, MmcM, Wlodek Black, Yerzmyey, Gasman, Karbofos, Soundliner, Kurles, Brom, Midnight, Quasar, MoNaRcH, Eazy, Ferrum, G.R., Smont, Sinus, Fox Fluffy's, Breeze, Surfin Bird, Pawel, Nuts, Dic, Golden Max, Klim, Scorpion, Titus, Ironfist, Znahar, Slider, Hunter, MAS, Velesoft, Project AY.

And certainly huge gratitude all spectrum mans to musicians for your music and that you are!! :)

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