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ZX Spectrum music podcasts

Title Synopsis Date Reads
Antique toY #08 Music in games, "The Star heritage": Platforms of generations.

"... Music in games often differs from the usual. The matter is that it has an accurate mission, - to create certain mood, to influence, straight feelings, to create atmosphere. Its this role leaves on the foreground in subject and adventure games for this reason it so is cinematic and reminds soundtracks to films in which music function is similar." The Star Heritage "is game in genre Adventure it has been let out in 1995 by creative group STEP and quickly became cult..."   read

 25 Dec 07  3898
Antique toY #07 The Review passed and passing 8-bit party. Music with dancing пати "8bit init".

"... In time the past from last release has passed some interesting events in a musical life of a spectrum. On virtual, is musical-graphic 8 bit party "Antique Toy" 2007 reception of works has ended and it has passed in a phase of voting by show of hands. In Izhevsk has passed demoparty ASCII ' 2007 and in Perm in club "Cuba" has taken place 8 bit party 8bit Init ..."   read

 15 Dec 07  3244
Antique toY #06 Use chip a sound of musical coprocessor AY-8910 in usual music. "Live" remixes chip tunes.

"... In live music chip sounding is used even more often. It is connected by that the generation which has grown on 8-bit consoles and computers - has grown up. Many steels a creative part of community. And others are ready to listen to sounds familiar since the childhood. Receiving a charge of good mood and, partly, nostalgia. But the one who will tell will be wrong that anything except nostalgia behind it is not present, after all such music is more tremendous is beautiful, it is simple another..."   read

 04 Nov 07  2933
Antique toY #05 Sound imitation in music on ZX Spectrum. Features and receptions sound imitation on musical coprocessor AY-8910.

"... Actually sound imitation in chip music it is applied everywhere. The limited possibilities of the musical coprocessor AY-8910 assumes its applications for sound imitation to real tools, first of all it is a rhythm section. How it is reached? The coprocessor AY-8910 has for this purpose some possibilities so by means of its registers we can operate three generators of tone, their frequency and the loudness, one generator of noise and one generator bending around..."   read

 27 Oct 07  2856
Antique toY #04 Moods: "8-bit pleasure". Features of realisation of pleasure on musical coprocessor AY-8910:)

"... It is possible to look At music under different corners and categorisation to different signs, on style, on musical and to techniques. But the most natural way on mood and on those feelings which it causes. In this release we will try to test 8-bit pleasure. The pleasure happens different, - ease, crystal cleanliness of sensations can accompany it, it can be violent and cheerful, can be even quiet and with a grief note..."   read

 19 Oct 07  2809
Antique toY #03 Cover-versions: on ZX Spectrum. Music from films in transposition for musical coprocessor AY-8910.

"... The Theme today's podcast - covers on ZX Spectrum. The cover the version is a musical composition belonging to other author performed by the musician or collective in which creativity own songs prevail. With reference to a ZX Spectrum a cover of the version it practically always a selection as the musician has no initial materials, well that is notes and believes on the hearing..."   read

 13 Oct 07  2952
Antique toY #02 Dreamhouse on ZX Spectrum. Features of realisation dreamhouse on musical coprocessor AY-8910.

"... The Theme today Dream house and its realisation on a spectrum. As you remember it style of electronic music popular in the middle-end of 90th years. Dreamhouse from the musical point of view it is simple enough, the size 4/4, a bass, drummers, hat - more and more or less as in usual house, it is allocated with a pensive and melancholic tool theme which is executed usually either on the piano or on a synthesizer, in some realisations it is a saxophone..."   read

 08 Oct 07  2870
Antique toY #01 Breakbeat on ZX Spectrum. Features of realisation брейкбита on musical coprocessor AY-8910.

"... The Following musician who has paid the attention on Breakbeat was Sairoos from Group Eternity Industry . Style of Sairoos strikingly differs from style Baze, It is visible that it was formed independently though, with the big share of probability it is possible to assert that Sairoos was a sign with creativity Baze..."   read

 05 Oct 07  3015

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