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Alexmc (Aleksandr Gorin) - tunes


name: Aleksandr Gorin
group: D. Masters
others members: DIA, Kolotovkin Yuri

location: Zaporozhye, Ukraine
specialization: music

activity: 1996-1997

music archive: Alexmc.zip (8Kb)
downloads 1733
tracks 5

articles 0

messages 0

16 September 2007
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Spectrophoby#06_02.pt2 - "SHARMANKA"-ALEX&SERG GORIN'96 3:19 1537
Spectrophoby#06_09.pt2 - "POLKA"-DJ.ALEX&SERG GORIN'96. 1:10 1575
Xixit12.pt3 - ALEXMC AND DIA FROM D. MASTERS 3:19 1560
Xixit4.pt3 - ALEX&SERG "ATLANTIC"-'IMPERIO' 3:19 1541
Xixit5.pt3 - ALEXMC AND DIA FROM D.MASTERS 3:55 1586

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